Bug roundup: create new version, duplicate contact form submissions, deleted knowledge bases

We've fixed these bugs:

  • Updated the create new version dropdown so it defaults to Minor version and it's impossible to create a version without the version number specified. Empty version numbers were causing issues for custom user roles and don't make sense, anyway.
  • Customers using the Contact Form without reCAPTCHA enabled were getting duplicate submissions of the same form. To prevent this behavior, we've updated the contact form logic so that once the Submit button is clicked, it's disabled.
  • Customers who had bookmarked a knowledge base in app.knowledgeowl.com, and later deleted that knowledge base, were still able to get to it via URL. Confusing, at best. Now, trying to navigate to a deleted knowledge base in the app will just kick you back to the initial login dashboard where you can switch to a different knowledge base.

These updates include security patches.