Updates to Contextual Help Widget 2.0 caching

We recently updated some of the caching rules for Contextual Help Widget (2.0).

We made these caching changes after monitoring the performance and calls that the widget was making, when we noticed a lot of unnecessary traffic back and forth to our servers.

We're always looking for ways to keep the widget loading quickly for your end-users, and removing unnecessary resource calls seemed like a good candidate to keep the widget lean and responsive.

These changes shouldn't impact much about how the widget works, but if you are updating Settings > Widget, you may run into them. Some changes to these settings may take up to an hour to show up in the browser of an end-user who already had the widget open.

This type of caching may occur when making changes to:

In all cases, a hard refresh or viewing the widget in a different browser or Incognito tab should show the updates instantly, though.

Changes to Custom Widget Styles and Custom Widget Javascript should not be impacted by these changes and should show up without a hard refresh.

Let us know if you run into any issues making updates to your widget configuration.