Early Valentine's Day bug fixes

We released a number of small bug fixes today:

  • We had several users report issues the Manage Articles CSV export when it was used on a custom filter. For some reason, after selecting the custom filter, users were having to refresh the page before a CSV export would properly respect the filter. We've fixed this so that once you select the filter, you can immediately export.
  • Also in Manage, bulk editing articles and only adding tags was not updating the Last Modified date for the article. We've updated this so that, like every other Bulk Edit action, adding tags does update the Last Modified date.
  • With shared content articles, revision history is only saved on the parent shared content article. However, thanks to a report from a customer, we discovered that edits to the child shared content article were not being saved in that revision history. We've updated the revision history so that the parent revision history shows all edits to parent and its child articles.
  • The readers bulk importer was previously not trimming blank spaces from the ends of first names and last names. It now properly trims those blank spaces.
  • For categories using the content list display type, article blurbs/summaries were showing script and style sections. We've updated the logic in content lists so that only textual content will show.

Last, but not least, we've made duplicate permalink checking consistent between articles and categories:

  • We consistently check both articles (published) and categories (active) for duplicate permalinks whenever you save an article or a category.
  • If you try to change the permalink of an article or category in the editor so that it would duplicate an existing active/published permalink, we prevent the save from completing.
  • If you somehow already have duplicate permalinks--whether two articles with the same permalink, two categories, or any combination of articles + categories--we allow changes to be saved, but we warn you that the permalink is a duplicate so you can edit one or both of the duplicates. (This scenario is hard to create in the KO app; we've generally only seen it when articles and/or categories are being created via API.)