February 13, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Ratings report - deleted articles: One of our sharp-eyed Reporting users noticed that deleted articles and categories that had received ratings before they were deleted still sometimes showed up in the Article Ratings Report in the Dashboard. We've fixed this report so that deleting an article or category removes it from this report. The ratings are still saved, though, so if you deleted the article by accident and then recovered it, you'll see the ratings back in the report afterward!
  • Breadcrumbs + Categories hidden from navigation: As we were designing things in Widget 2.0, we realized that categories that are marked as "Hide from navigation" were being hidden from the table of contents and category/subcategory navigation but were still showing up in article breadcrumbs.
    Category "Hide from navigation" settingWe discussed this and decided that "Hide from navigation" should include breadcrumbs. So we've updated the breadcrumb logic here so that if you're viewing an article in a category hidden from navigation, you don't see the category in the breadcrumb, either. Now your "hidden" categories truly are hidden everywhere.
    Sample breadcrumb with the same article in a "Hide from navigation" category. Left is before this change; right is after
  • URL redirect articles: articles set up as URL redirects set to open in a new tab were opening in the same tab. We fixed this so that the redirects properly respect the open in same tab/open in new tab designation.
  • More Save options on smaller screens: The expanded save options we released earlier in January weren't always showing on small laptop screens due to a hiccup in the responsive design. We fixed that. More save options for everyone!
  • Remote authentication + custom reader fields: Apostrophes in custom reader fields created through remote authentication were being encoded differently than apostrophes in custom reader fields created within app.knowledgeowl.com. We updated the encoding for reader custom fields created via API so that these apostrophes are handled the same way.
  • Custom font interface: Entering something other than a URL into the custom font URL field (such as a stylesheet) was causing issues for customers, so we've added logic here so that if you try to save and you've entered something other than a URL, the save won't complete and you'll be warned that you need to fix it:
    Warning if something besides a URL has been entered
  • Browser compatibility - Microsoft Edge: some Microsoft Edge users had noted that the background image we use at the top of app.knowledgeowl.com had grid lines on it. On further testing, we found it was pretty finicky about screen size and zoom level, so we decided to shift the background in Edge to be just a solid dark blue. Sorry you're now missing that little extra bit of personality, Edge users--blame Microsoft.