February 14, 2020

This week, Chrome version 80 is rolling out changes to how third-party cookies are used. The change will outright block third-party cookies that don't meet certain requirements.

In anticipation of this change, we updated a number of the third-party cookies that KnowledgeOwl uses, with a particular focus on cookies leveraged by our contextual help widgets (both Widget 2.0 and the Modern Widget), including those requiring authentication to view all files. We rolled out fixes to address these changes on Friday, February 14.

We have had reports from a couple customers who are using non-https knowledge bases who have run into issues with these new policies. In these situations, the fastest fix is to transition your knowledge base to use https: (by checking the Force SSL Links option in Settings > Basic, which will shift your knowledge base from http: to https:). Customers using private domains that aren't using https: will need to coordinate with your domain administrators to make this change. If you're experiencing issues with your knowledge base this week, please contact us .