Final 2022 bug fixes

This should be our final bug fix release note of 2022. What a year it has been!

Though we've been hard at work releasing new features, we did quietly roll out fixes to a few bugs this week:

  • After analyzing some of our user data, we discovered that we weren't preventing you from creating multiple users with the same email address. We've added some checks into this process so that you can't create a new duplicate of an existing user account and you can't edit an existing user to have the same email address as an existing user. (You can still use the same email address for different user logins for totally separate accounts, though!) We will be reaching out in the coming weeks to the handful of accounts that already have duplicates so we can make sure things get tidied up properly.
  • We also did some behind-the-scenes work on the New Articles List. (The couple of you who noticed that this list got very long earlier this week found the bugs with those changes!) We haven't changed the fundamental behavior of that list or the new-articles page, but we've streamlined how it's generated so it should load more quickly and consistently.
  • We also discovered that the new Support theme wasn't displaying all subcategory display types elegantly. We've released a fix for that issue, too.

And this hopefully 🤞is a wrap for our release notes in 2022. Wishing you all a very Happy New Years, and we'll see you again next year!