Glossary page now handles numbers

Thanks to a keen-eyed customer, we recently learned that if you have glossary terms beginning with numbers (like 401k), those terms weren't being displayed on the Glossary page.

We've made a couple small changes to the Glossary page's behavior:

  • If you do not have Glossary terms beginning with numbers, you won't see any change to your Glossary page.
    • We reviewed a number of customers' Glossaries and noticed that not many contain terms starting with numbers. We didn't want to move your cheese or add any visual clutter to your Glossary, so if you aren't using terms with numbers, there's nothing else to see here.
  • If you have Glossary terms beginning with numbers, you will see two changes:
    • At the top of the Glossary, where the letters A-Z appear, you'll now see an option for 0-9. Clicking that will jump you to the numerical section.
    • Terms beginning with numbers will be ordered lowest to highest, with a number heading like you see with letters.

Here's a sample of what this might look like (please don't judge me for my simple examples):
Sample Glossary page with numerical termsWe hope this helps our customers with numerical terms in their Glossary, while also keeping things simple and alphabetical for those of you without them. Let us know what you think!