Glossary term + auto-highlighting updates

We've released a couple updates to our Glossary term feature, updating some behavior for multi-word glossary terms and for terms with special characters in them.

Multi-word and single word glossary terms containing the same word

Thanks to input from customers, we learned that there was one situation where multi-word glossary terms weren't automatically being highlighted: when the longer phrase contained another glossary term.

In those situations, the shortest glossary term was being highlighted, not the full multi-word term.

Example: if I had "check" as a glossary term and "price check" as another glossary term, when I had price check in my article, only the "check" definition would highlight and display.

If you run into this situation, we recommend manually adding the correct multi-word glossary term using the steps in Add glossary definitions in articles manually.

For example, nocturnal owl is a glossary term. So is "nocturnal". If you hover over the definition earlier in this sentence, you'll see only the definition for nocturnal is showing--not for the full multi-word term.

But I can force this to show the correct definition if I manually insert the nocturnal owl term and definition to ensure it highlights properly (which I've done in this sentence).

This manual highlighting of multi-word glossary terms should only be necessary when you have other glossary terms that contain a portion of that term, or when you want to include highlighting for a term that doesn't match exactly, such as nocturnal owls.

Glossary terms no longer support special characters

We had some customers report that glossary terms with special characters (especially parentheses) in them were never auto-highlighted. We tried to update the auto-highlighting so that it would recognize these special characters, but we could not find a solution that would properly support these special characters.

Instead, we have updated the Glossary logic so that it no longer allows you to create terms with special characters that our auto-highlighting feature doesn't support. We did not touch existing glossary terms, but all new glossary terms can only contain alpha-numeric characters, spaces, dashes, underscores, and apostrophes.

If you have glossary terms that also include an acronym in parentheses, you won't be able to update these terms without removing the parentheses. For these situations, we recommend putting the acronym as part of the definition or having separate definitions for the full term and the acronym.