💃 International Dance Day Updates 💃

My lack of posting release notes hasn't been due to lack of us releasing things, I promise! (Also, shout-out to anyone else who attended Write the Docs Portland remotely this week, which is part of why we've had a long silence on release notes.)

Also, happy International Dance Day. I hope some of these updates make you want to cha-cha.

Feature enhancements

We've released a few enhancements to existing features this week, mostly to help make the user experience a little less confusing:

  • Reader sign-ups that require approval wording update: When you open a pending reader's details, the hyperlink you have to click now explicitly says "approve or deny them here", to make it more clear how to deny a reader access.
    "approve or deny them here" (instead of just "approve")
  • Parent shared content articles: The message that displays child shared content articles now includes the category the article is located within, to help differentiate one child article from another:
    "Comments reporting" is the category the article is located within
  • The Recent Revisions list has gotten a couple changes:
    • The most recent revision only has the option to Compare to Previous Revision (Comparing to Current produced weird comparisons!)
    • If you have fewer than 10 total revisions, you'll see an option to Compare to Initial Draft, which shows you the very first content save for the article. (Previously, we started showing revisions after two saves; now we show them sooner!)
      Note the changes to the newest and oldest revision options 

Bug fixes

We've released a few general bug fixes:

  • Child shared content articles were incorrectly displaying a link to the Revision History. We've updated this so that the Revision History properly only shows on the parent shared content article.
  • In Settings > Widget, several of the fields that accept HTML were either a) not displaying HTML syntax highlighting, or b) displaying special characters improperly encoded. We've made sure correct highlighting and character encoding are being applied. The only customers who should have noticed any issues here were those of you who saved changes while the character encoding was a bit funky, which was only a couple days two weeks ago; everyone else: there's nothing to see here.
  • The footer save bar in article and category editor was blocking the Find Articles option in the lower left. Now, when the footer appears, the Find Articles option slides up above the footer. An appropriately smooth fix for International Dance Day. 😉

Also in bug fixes: our Updates to editor permissions framework release created a few bugs of its own, which we expedited fixes for:

  • Customers who activated article versions that had existing Tags reported that the version activation process was creating new tags that were strings of letters and numbers. In this case, the editor was capturing the underlying ID of the tags assigned to the article and creating a new tag with that ID as the text. We fixed this the day it was reported. If you're using tags and were actively editing content last week, I encourage you to go review your Library > Tags to be sure that you weren't impacted by this bug. If you see any nonsensically-long tags that are meaningless to you, please delete them from the Tag Library.
  • Customers using European date format were unable to save New/Updated callouts on their articles. We also fixed this the same day it was reported.
  • Customers using Custom roles and the Rejected Draft status reported that roles with the ability to edit draft articles were no longer able to edit Rejected Draft articles. We released a fix for this the same day it was reported.
  • Customers using the Refine by category option in search reported that newly-edited categories were disappearing from the refine options. This one wasn't reported until this week, but we released a fix for it yesterday.

Thank you to the amazing customers who reported these issues as soon as they appeared (and for your patience while we fixed them)!