KO News on your login dashboard!

Trying to keep customers updated about the changes we roll out has been one of my personal priorities since I joined KnowledgeOwl, so I am ESPECIALLY excited to announce this update:

We've added a KnowledgeOwl News section to the dashboard you see when you first login, so you have quick access to our latest:

  • Release Notes: where we announce bug fixes and new features/functionality
  • Blog Posts: where we share topics written by KO owls and friends on technical writing, working remotely, knowledge management in general, and KO features

Check out the KnowledgeOwl News section on the right!

Previously, you had to "subscribe" to our release notes or blog to receive email notifications when we posted new things. We always loved that this was an opt-in situation, but we also found that a lot of customers never knew these resources existed. Particularly with features and bug fixes, we want you to know as soon as things are out. So we've created this news section on your dashboard so that you'll see what we've been up to the next time you login, but you don't have any notifications or icons to distract you from the work you're doing--so you can choose to stay as informed (or not) on KO news as you'd like.

We hope this is a non-intrusive way to keep you updated without the need for emails. Let us know what you think!

These updates include security patches.