Mars Rover landing day 🚀 bug fixes

Today, the Perseverance rover should land on Mars.

In comparison, our bug fixes don't seem that impressive.

But we still wanted to let you know we made these updates:

  • On category landing pages, articles that had been deleted and then re-published weren't always consistently displaying until articles had been manually re-ordered in the category. We've updated the way we handle indexes for recovered articles to display them as soon as they're recovered.
  • The New Articles Widget was properly showing new articles, but if you opened the full new-articles page (for example, ours is at, articles with the "New" call-out weren't always displaying at the top. We've updated the page so articles with the call-out should be back at the top!
  • Shared content articles' messages were always using the full article title, even when an internal title was present. We've updated the messaging so it will use the internal article title, if one exists.
  • In the Article Editor, if you had an active New or Updated call-out with the status expiration date displayed, once you clicked any of the checkboxes in the Restrictions section below it, that date disappeared from view. We've fixed this. Now, if there's an active callout, the status expiration date field is always visible.