New Articles

  1. Version UI update: Show 5 by default New

    By default, you'll now see the five most recent versions, with an option to expand to see more.
  2. Bug fix round-up 17 November New

    These fixes address bugs on shared content categories, the Articles interface in IE11, Snippet Editor, and bulk activating versions.
  3. Bug fixes and small updates for 11.11 New

    We've added an Announcements section to the user dashboard, and fixed bugs with SAML user password resets, internal notes on categories, widget 2.0 topic display categories, and more.
  4. New feature: Snippet references New

    We've added on-save editor logic to track which snippets articles and custom content categories are referencing.
  5. Checking if an article or category is restricted to reader groups New

    For both articles and categories, you can check two sections of the editor to see if the content is restricted to any reader groups: Inherited Groups : When an entire category or subcategory is restricted to groups, those reader group restriction...
  6. Versions now display in reverse chronological order New

    We've added an Active Version section and flipped the order so that newest versions are at the top--rather than the bottom--of the Versions list.
  7. Happy Hall-owleen bug fixes New

    These fixes address bugs with the Snippet Library search, Redirect to File button, custom roles without delete category permissions, article view counts, and our API $and statements.
  8. Bulk activating "ready for review" versions

    Learn how to activate new versions of multiple articles in bulk.
  9. Inherited reader group restrictions now shown in editor

    We've added an Inherited Groups section to the editor so you can see any reader group restrictions the content is inheriting from its parent categories!
  10. Mid-October 2020 bugfix round-up

    These fixes address bugs on Contact Form Reporting, Manage Articles bulk editing, Autosuggest + Reader Group restrictions, snippet editing, and version ready for review messaging.