New Articles

  1. Nat'l Serpent Day bug fixes & updates New

    These fixes address bugs with homepage File References, Broken Link Checker, version notes in shared content articles, and wording consistency.
  2. February 1st: Sharing files: embeds, links, and URL directs, oh my! New

    In this session, we'll be covering different ways you can choose to share files in your knowledge base, and the pros and cons of different approaches.
  3. API article and category endpoint updates New

    We added better validation and messaging to PUT and POST calls on article and category endpoints, and updated their boolean fields to use proper boolean rather than strings.
  4. Customize Text tool overview New

    Throughout your knowledge base, there are certain text strings that KnowledgeOwl generates. Previously, we had set these as static text fields and you needed to add custom scripts to override that text. With the Customize Text tool, we're conve...
  5. Feature beta: Customize Text Tool New

    Our first major new feature of 2023 (and our first formalized beta feedback process): the Customize Text Tool! Customize some of the default text strings displayed in your live knowledge base.
  6. KB Merge Codes

    Learn more about the merge codes available for use across your knowledge base.
  7. Adding files in bulk

    Learn how to update files in bulk in your File Library.
  8. Editing and updating files

    Got a new version of a PDF or other file? Learn how to rename and update files in your File Library without ever touching your articles.
  9. File upload errors

    Are you getting an error trying to upload a new file to an article? Learn potential causes and solutions.
  10. Editing and updating videos

    Learn how to rename and update videos you've already added to your File Library without having to touch the articles themselves.