New Articles

  1. 13 May 2021 feature enhancements and bug fixes New

    Feature enhancements affect the category controls in the editor screens and SSO ID matching; bug fixes address issues with table of contents category displays and snippet API call variable caching.
  2. Manage Articles filters: now with Included and Excluded Tags filters New

    In Manage Articles, we've renamed the existing Tags filter to "Included Tags" and added a new "Excluded Tags" filter. Learn more about these changes so you can start using them in your filters!
  3. Included Tags vs. Excluded Tags New

    Learn how to the Included Tags and Excluded Tags filters work.
  4. Updates to editor permissions framework New

    We've released a rewrite of the permissions framework in Article Editor, Category Editor, and the Articles interface. These changes may impact customers using custom roles + custom content categories.
  5. National High Five Day bug fixes ✋ New

    These fixes address bugs with shared content articles, reader welcome emails for approved readers, and table of contents category-hiding logic.
  6. Manage Articles: Now with a Category Filter!

    We've added a category filter to the Manage Articles custom filters. Learn where it is and how to use it!
  7. SSO Advanced Options

    Learn about the various Advanced Options for SAML SSO Integration.
  8. 💃 International Dance Day Updates 💃

    These enhancements and fixes impact shared content articles, reader approvals, revision history, widget settings, and more!
  9. Widget 2.0 Contact Form: now with recaptcha!

    We've added reCAPTCHA V3 to the Contextual Help Widget 2.0 Contact tab. It's automatically added for our KO subdomain users; private domain uses will need to add their own reCAPTCHA key.
  10. Search for readers

    You can search your Readers list using all or portions of the name, email address, or reader ID.