New Articles

  1. National I Want You to be Happy Day bug fixes + feature enhancements New

    Today's release has feature enhancements to set the lang attribute for your KB + user in-app password reset; bug fixes for custom content category deletes + glossary term HTML in search results.
  2. New feature: Archived Publishing Status 📁 New

    We've added an Archived publishing status to help you better classify unpublished content.
  3. Archiving articles in bulk in Manage New

    Our default Editor and Writer roles have permission to archive articles. If you're using a custom user role , that role must have the Article Permission to Archive articles to bulk archive articles. You can archive multiple articles at...
  4. 🌶 National Chili Day bug fixes 🌶 New

    These fixes address bugs with New Articles caching; character encoding in contact form reporting, webhook query strings, and Account details; user team bulk deletes; and copying a KB.
  5. New feature: Show glossary terms in search results New

    You can now opt to display matching glossary terms and their definitions in your search results!
  6. Style the glossary snippet search results New

    Learn how to style the search result glossary snippet box and text.
  7. Add glossary terms to your search results New

    You can choose to display glossary terms and their definitions at the top of relevant search results.
  8. Glossary snippets New

    If you're using Glossary , you can choose to display glossary terms that match the search phrase at the top of search results. Here's how it works: If your reader searches a phrase that exactly matches a glossary term, the term and its de...
  9. Mars Rover landing day 🚀 bug fixes New

    These fixes address bugs with category landing pages with recovered articles, the New Articles page, shared content article messages with internal article titles, and editor callout behavior.
  10. How can I tell multiple shared child articles apart? New

    The messages for shared child content articles include the article name and the knowledge base name. This works great if your parent and child are in different knowledge bases; but what if you have multiple children in the same knowledge base, and t...