May 6, 2019

Feature Enhancements

  • When a new article is added as recommended via Reporting → Widget → Recommended Article Weights → Add Article, the page will now automatically appear in the article's "Recommend On Pages" in the article editor
  • When editing an article, hyperlinks to other articles can now be tested within the editor and within the article preview
  • Filtering the file library by tags will now automatically update the list of matching files without needing to close the tag filter select area

Bug Fixes

  • We are no longer allowing users to be created without access to any knowledge bases
  • Some searches from within the embeddable widget were not learning from user behavior
  • When using "Regex Replace URLs" in the widget, the {custom} mergecode was not working when the URL did not end in a slash
  • Upgrading from a trial account to a paid account using a credit card that gets declined was causing an unintended error screen