More options for Link to Article creation

We love using the Link to Article option, to create hyperlinks to other articles within KnowledgeOwl that won't break if the article's permalink changes.

However, the pop-up to create the Link to Article previously didn't give you the option to edit the hyperlink's Title and Name, which can be useful fields to create on-hover text for the hyperlink and guarantee that screen readers provide helpful information about the link. (We include these fields by default for all "normal" hyperlinks, and you could always access them by editing the link after you inserted it...but who remembers to do that?)

We've updated the Add Link to Article pop-up. Now:

  • It includes fields for the Link Title and Link Name.
  • It now automatically populates the Link Text, Link Title, and Link Name with the article's title. (Though you can overwrite this however you see fit!)
  • For those of you using internal titles for articles or categories, never fear! The auto-populated text fields use the Full Article Title.

Sample of the new fields in the Add Link to Article pop-up

We hope this makes it a little faster and easier to add links to articles with appropriate textual metadata!