Nat'l Chocolate Chip Cookie Day bug fixes 🍪

It's hard to go wrong with a holiday for chocolate chip cookies. (Also, if you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, please feel free to drop a line to our support account--I'm always shopping for recipes. I'll go first: if you garden, you're probably overflowing with zucchini right now. Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle has a recipe to sneak it into Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies--and it works!)

I'm not sure if our developers were just hopped up on sugar or what, but they've been busy lately. We released fixes for these bugs:

  • Customers using the Glossary noticed that when they used alternate titles, the term was still displayed under the letter for the main term, even if the alternate title began with a totally different letter. (Example: a glossary term of "Prompt" but the alternate title is "Command line", would display under P for Prompt but would show the alternate title of Command line, which is confusing.) We've updated this so that if alternate titles are used, the alphabetical display of the glossary uses the alternate title.
  • The editor for custom content categories didn't include the toggle to switch the editor from Modern to Legacy, or vice versa. We've updated this editor so it gives you that option, just like the article editor does.
  • When blog style categories were used with reverse chronological display, the Contextual Help Widget (2.0) was not displaying the correct order for blog posts. We've updated Widget 2.0 so it uses chronological display orders for blog categories.