🍫 Nat'l Chocolate Day 🍫 bug fixes

October 28th has some great national/international day things going on (including International Animation Day and National First Responders Day), but it is very hard to argue with chocolate 🍫.

(Though, in the interest of socially responsible release notes, it's worth noting that child labor has been an issue in the production of chocolate.)

This week, we released fixes for two bugs, both related to changes we announced in Nat'l Chocolate Cupcake 🧁 Day bugfixes and feature enhancements. Apparently I was too distracted by cupcakes to find these at the time of release, but several keen-eyed customers let us know:

  • Glossary page pagination wasn't working, and searching for a term seemed to be disabling the edit pop-up we just added. We fixed both of these issues.
  • The new pop-up for the create version / unsaved changes to article workflow had a couple issues (it was showing up for Major and custom versions even when no changes had been made; also, with custom versions, if you did have changes and you chose to discard them, the custom version number you entered was ignored and a minor version number was used). We've fixed these so that pop-up should appear consistently across all version types.