Nat'l Oyster Day updates 🦪 for Article Lists and Reader Details

One of my favorite parts of release notes is learning about obscure national holidays. Today's made me laugh, but it's also a moment for me to brag about Maine, which has some amazing oyster farms. If you head here, you should consider checking out a farm or restaurant on the Maine Oyster Trail (and if you're really serious, create an account so you can track your Oyster Passport).

We have two smaller feature updates today--a major wording change for a set of our features, new functionality for the Recent Articles List, and some additional information in the reader details page.

Article Widgets > Article Lists

You know the New Articles, Updated Articles, Popular Articles, Related Articles, and Recently Viewed Articles lists? Well, historically, we called those "widgets". If you've been using KnowledgeOwl for a while, you might call them that, too. We found this confusing since we also have the Contextual Help Widget (and widget seems a much more fitting label for that!).

We've updated our help documentation and the few in-app references we have to these lists so they're just called Article Lists. We hope this helps reduce confusion and make it easier to find info about them, too!

Recent Articles Widget List: now with configurable limit

We recently rolled out changes to the majority of our article lists to give them a control so you can set the number of articles they display.

It took us a bit longer to update the Recent Articles List because that information is stored on a per-reader basis, rather than a single setting for the entire knowledge base.

However, the day has come, and you can now set a range of 1-10 articles to be displayed in this list, just as with the other lists!

If you're unfamiliar with this list: it's a great Article List if you're using individual reader accounts, as it will collect and display the reader's most recently viewed xx number of articles, making it easy for readers to pick up where they left off. See the Recent Articles List documentation for more info!

Reader profile page update: Now with dates!

We've updated the reader profile page in KnowledgeOwl so that it now displays three dates:

  • Last Activity
  • Last Login
  • Created On

If any of these dates doesn't have a timestamp, you'll see the phrase "Never."

These fields are all available in the Reader CSV export, but we know sometimes it can be helpful to see details when you're looking at an individual reader account/trying to troubleshoot things, so we've added them here, too.