New bulk reader edit, approve, & deny options

Based on feedback in last year's annual customer survey and a few support tickets, we've built out some new bulk action options for managing your readers:

  • You can now approve or deny new readers in bulk, rather than having to open them individually to approve or deny!
  • We've greatly expanded our reader bulk edit functionality so that you can now:
    • Delete a selection of readers
    • Recover a selection of deleted readers
    • Add new reader groups to selected readers
    • Overwrite selected readers' existing reader groups
    • Remove all reader groups from selected readers
    • Add new knowledge base access to selected readers (and decide if you want a welcome email sent or not)
    • Overwrite selected readers' existing knowledge base access (and, if you're adding access, decide if a welcome email should be sent or not)
    • Remove all knowledge base access from selected readers

Basically, we've tried to give the Readers screen the same kind of edit options that are available in Manage Articles.

We hope that these changes, combined with the changes we rolled out earlier this year for creating custom reader filters, make it faster and easier for you to update readers' access.