New editor keyboard shortcuts for text formatting

The Modern Editor has always had some handy keyboard shortcuts for people who prefer keystrokes to mouse clicks.

For text formatting, we previously had shortcuts for the different heading levels, but nothing for the other text formatting dropdown.

We've added four new shortcuts to the mix to make it easy to switch between paragraphs and other text formatting types:

  • Ctrl + Alt + 7: Preformatted text
  • Ctrl + Alt + 8: Div
  • Ctrl + Alt + 9: Blockquote
  • Ctrl + Alt + 0: Paragraph (great for switching back to a paragraph after you've used Ctrl + Alt + a number to get to a heading!)

We hope these help give our keystroke-loving users a few more mouse-free options. And if you didn't realize keyboard shortcuts existed in KnowledgeOwl, head over to Editor keyboard shortcuts and see what you've been missing out on!