New feature drop: ⭐ Article Favorites

This change may require updates to existing custom role permissions.

During our annual customer survey in 2021, we asked y'all to help us prioritize some features on our roadmap. The top few features (most votes at the top) were:

  1. Broken link checker
  2. Find and replace
  3. Schedule article for publishing
  4. Bookmark/favorite articles

We released #1 and #3 in the last year. #2 is in the early stages of development. And I'm excited to announce that we've just released the first version of #4: bookmark/favorite articles!

We've opted to call this feature "Article Favorites" since we didn't want to confuse it with browser bookmarking. It's designed for knowledge bases that have individual reader logins enabled--whether those are accounts created and administered entirely in KnowledgeOwl, or set up using an integration with Single Sign-On or remote authentication.

Once enabled (and with a little configuration help), this will add a new article action icon to the right of the article title:

Clicking on that star will add the article to the reader's list of favorites (and change the star to be filled in).

Readers can favorite up to 10 articles, and you can display this list back to them (on the homepage, in the article footer, in the right column) using a merge code. See Enable & configure favorites for more details.

We chose a star by default but you can also update the icon to something else.

We're still playing around with this feature and hoping to give you additional options for where/how to display favorites, but if you're having readers log in to view content, this could be a good one for you to test out! The full documentation is available here: Article Favorites. Take a look and let us know what you think!

And of course, happy howlidays from owl of us here at KnowledgeOwl. We're very thankful for all of you this time of year. 🎁