New Reader Signup Options!

Note: These features are only intended for self-administered readers

In this weeks release we have added the following features:

  • Reader signup notification emails
  • Reader signup approval process
  • Automated reader groups by domain

Reader Signup Notification Emails

You now have the option to receive notification emails whenever someone signs up as a reader to one of your knowledge bases.

To find this and the other new settings, go to:

Your Account → Readers → Settings

Reader Signup Approval Process

When a reader signs up to your knowledge base, you can now require that their access is approved by a KO admin.

Once an admin approves their access, they will be emailed with their login credentials.

Automated Reader Groups by Domain

We have added the ability to assign readers to reader groups automatically based on their email domain.

You can either choose to set the groups once on the initial reader signup, or you can choose to update the readers groups each time they log in based upon the rules.