New theme and related articles option!

New theme and related articles option!

We have released the following improvements:

  • Brand new theme: Minimalist

  • Backward linking related articles

Minimalist Theme!

Using the awesome custom themes that you guys have built for your kbs as inspiration, we've come up with a brand new default theme of our own.

Featuring a pared down design with a slide out table of contents, we tried to put the focus on what matters: the content.

Wanna take a look? We've moved our own support knowledge base over to it, check it out!

Backward Related Articles!

Under Settings → Basic → Website Settings there is a new option to backward suggest related articles.

Okay this one is a bit hard to explain with words, but we'll do our best!

Say that we have 2 articles: article A and article B. With this option enabled, if you edit article A and add article B as a related article, article B will also automatically suggest article A as related.

Hopefully that makes a bit of sense!