New webhooks available: New & Updated callouts added!

One of the pieces of feedback we've gotten on our Webhooks was that some of the article options were too broad or fired too often. For example, if you wanted a webhook to fire when an article was updated, the article.update webhook would fire every time an article was saved with a change, no matter how small.

Basically, the feedback we heard from a few users was: we want a webhook that behaves like the Subscription notifications, only firing when the New or Updated callout is added.

If you were looking for this, I have great news:

We've added webhooks specifically for when the New or Updated callout is added to an article!

These webhook events are:

  • article.updatedCallout
  • article.newCallout

The behavior is very similar to Subscriptions, except the webhook will fire immediately after the article is saved with the new callout. (And if it already had a callout, you'd need to save it to No Status and then save it again with a new callout to re-trigger the webhook.)

If you're using a Slack webhook, the webhook will automatically display the callout expiration date, too:

Sample Slack message from the article.updatedCallout webhook. Available webhook events is the article title

We've updated our Available webhook events documentation to include these new webhook options.

And if you were looking for something like Subscriptions but not using our built-in email/custom SMTP setup, you could likely leverage these webhooks in combination with Zapier to handle notifications in a different way.

We've already updated our own Slack webhooks to use these new statuses, since they seem to be the "right amount" of doc updates sharing for our team; we hope you find them similarly helpful!