🟠 Orange Shirt Day bug fixes

Observed since 2013, today is the first-ever statutory holiday observation of Orange Shirt Day in Canada.

Also known as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation now that it's a federal holiday, the day is designed to:

  • Commemorate the missing and murdered Indigenous children from residential schools
  • Honor the healing journey of residential school survivors
  • Raise awareness about the residential school system and its impact on Indigenous communities for over a century. (The last residential school was closed in 1996.)

You can learn more from Cultural Survival's page on the holiday.

In slightly lighter news, we released fixes for a few bugs this week:

  • The CSV exports on the Readers page were broken; exports of Custom Filters weren't consistently generating (they opened an empty browser tab instead), and exports of Standard Filters weren't always including all readers displayed on the screen. We've fixed both these issues so the CSV exports should properly generate and accurately match what's in the filter.
  • In the search bar on Manage articles, special characters in the search phrase (like square brackets [ ] or dashes - or periods .) sometimes seemed to mess up the search results. We've added better handling for special characters into this search.
  • If you reindexed your knowledge base search, and then opened Manage articles, and opened the Deleted filter, and tried to search within it, the search wouldn't behave consistently as it does in the other filters. We discovered that the reindexing for search was handling deleted article indexing differently from other articles, and Manage search was the only place that difference showed up. We've fixed the whole-search reindex so it matches single-article deleted indexing for a more consistent experience.
  • We noticed that our search index parser for PDFs was struggling with certain PDF files. When this happened, the content of those PDFs would not show up in search results. We've made some adjustments so PDF content should be properly indexed and available in search.