Revision history comparison: now with more detail and raw HTML!

I'm very pleased to announce a long-awaited set of improvements to our revision history functionality!

Previously, the revision diff comparison was a text-only comparison, where removed text was in red with strikethrough, and added text was in green and underlined. We didn't show images and didn't include HTML.

Our previous revision diff comparison I'd like to introduce you to the new and improved revision diff comparison:

New diff comparison

Highlights of this new difference comparison include:

  • A layout and display that includes visuals for lists, paragraph breaks, files, divs, and images, so the layout better reflects what you'd see in the editor 😍
  • Insertion/deletion highlighting for images
  • A raw HTML comparison at the bottom, so you can actually see and grab HTML if needed

If you'd like to take it for a spin, find any article with a revision history displayed in the upper right of the editor, click on the Recent Revisions link, select a comparison, and check it out!

To go with this overhaul, we've also updated all of our revision and version documentation. If you've ever wondered how to recover a recent revision after making an edit you didn't like (been there, done that!), go explore the docs and see what's possible. 😊