Smarter login default for new KBs

We've had a few customers report that they had some confusion while trying to set up their reader login page. This might have been you if:

  • You have a knowledge base set to use KO reader accounts (rather than remote auth or SSO)
  • You have a login link in the upper right
  • That login link didn't do anything

Fun fact: all new knowledge bases have the login template added to their top navigation, but that reader login page isn't automatically activated/set-up. You have to go to Settings > Basic and check the box next to "Add a reader login / logout link" in the Website Settings section for it to work.

But we were showing the Login link automatically in new knowledge bases, even if that box hadn't been checked. This was misleading--if the link shows up, shouldn't that mean it's enabled?

So to help avoid confusion for customers using KO-based reader accounts, we've tied the logic on that login link so that you won't ever see the link in your knowledge base unless you've checked the "Add a reader login / logout link" box in Settings > Basic. It's a small change and many of you may never notice, but we're hoping this makes it easier for customers who are just testing out reader logins to figure out how to activate the login page.

This means that some of you might see that link disappear. If you'd like it back, just head over to Settings > Basic and add the reader login from there.

Note: this change won't impact customers whose default reader login page (Settings > Security) is set to use Remote Auth Login URL or SAML Login URL; it only impacts those using the Reader Login page.