Spring Releases!

Lots of good stuff in this one:

  • Topic-based category type
  • Topic articles
  • Category type cleanup
  • Internal article titles
  • Add tags to articles in bulk
  • Import and export glossary terms
  • Reply-to and from name for comment emails

Topic-based Category Type

This new type of category allows you to display the full-text of all articles inside of it like chapters in a book. Use it for FAQs, Q&As, or roll-up style landing pages that can stand alone.

Topic Articles

This new internal article flag can be used to signal that the article's content can be embedded into another article. In the new article editor you can search for articles marked as topic articles and include the content as a mergecode.

Category Type Cleanup

In an effort to simplify and clarify the different types of categories that we offer, we have merged "Basic" and "FAQ style" categories into a single default category type.

This default category type includes the display options of the old FAQ style category and also allows control over how the category behaves in the table of contents.

Existing basic and FAQ style categories are automatically set to the new default type.

Internal Article Titles

We have added the ability for users to add an internal facing title to articles. These internal titles can be a helpful way for users to differentiate articles that share the same reader facing title.

Add Tags to Articles in Bulk

On the manage screen, we have added the ability to add tags to multiple articles at the same time. To use, select multiple articles and click on the bulk edit button.

This feature is additive only and will not remove tags from articles.

Import and Export Glossary Terms

We have now added the ability to export your glossary terms to a CSV. You also have the ability to import or update glossary terms from a CSV file in bulk.

Reply-to and From Name for Comment Emails

Previously, comment notification emails would always have the reply-to "support@knowledgeowl.com" and the from name "KnowledgeOwl Support".

You now have the ability to specify your own reply-to and from name.