Updates to widget behavior in cookieless browsers

Several of our customers using authenticated widgets (especially Widget 2.0) noted that the widget didn't seem to load properly when it was opened in a browser that disabled cookies, such as Safari or Chrome Incognito windows.

We've overhauled how the authentication is processed behind the scenes so that it will rely on cookies if the browser allows them, but it has a fallback if cookies are disabled. This means that authenticated widgets should now load content and function regardless of whether cookies are or are not allowed in your browser.

The one exception to this is the "Open in full site" link in the footer. That link is still cookie-dependent, so we've opted to hide it when it can't work properly. If you're accessing an authenticated widget from a browser that has cookies disabled, that link will be hidden from the widget's footer.

We hope this set of changes makes the widget more useful for all of your end-users. Please let our support owls know if you're still seeing any issues with authenticated widget resources not loading properly in Safari or Chrome Incognito windows.