Use Less Stuff Day bugfixes

Use Less Stuff Day was a campaign begun in the 2000s to encourage people to think about the stuff they buy and use, and to reduce wastage.

If you're looking to reduce plastic waste, I'd recommend checking out Stasher Bags (or similar reusable silicone bags). They work great and come in all sorts of colors.

On to more serious stuff: we released fixes for a couple bugs in the last week:

  • If you'd already added article banners and thumbnails or category icons, and you then toggle the Settings > Security option to require authentication to view files, those files' URLs were not updated to reflect the change. We've fixed this so they will be properly updated, similar to other files.
  • In Settings > Style, if you were using KnowledgeOwl merge codes with the HTML-encoded characters for " such as template("base-cats") instead of template("base-cats"), this would lock up the Style Settings page from further edits. We've adjusted the logic here so this won't happen.