How to use your own domain

All subscription plan levels include the option to use your own domain, rather than a subdomain of Learn how to set up your private domain!

Each knowledge base has its own unique KnowledgeOwl subdomain, like ours is "". Your subdomain can be customized under Settings > Basic, in the Domain Settings section.

You can also set up a private domain (your own custom URL with no reference to KnowledgeOwl) and point that to your KnowledgeOwl subdomain. You or your webmaster will need to add a CNAME record for your subdomain. Once created, the private domain may take up to 24 hours to be fully synced.

If your private domain uses https:, you can use our integration with Let's Encrypt to provide an automatically renewed SSL cert for your knowledge base, too!

Here's the overall process:

  1. Have your webmaster set up a CNAME record that points your private domain (such as to your KnowledgeOwl subdomain shown on Settings > Basic (such as
  2. In Settings > Basic, add the private domain.
  3. Once the private domain has synced, generate a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. The domain can take up to 24 hours to sync, but usually it completes in a few minutes.
  4. Once you've confirmed the private domain and SSL cert are all working properly, check a couple boxes to ensure that all requests use your private domain, rather than the subdomain.
  5. If you're using features that leverage reCAPTCHA, add a reCAPTCHA key.

See below for more detailed information on each step and how to troubleshoot errors you might run into.

Create a CNAME record on your DNS

Add a private domain

Set up your SSL cert

Make all requests use your new private domain


SSL cert troubleshooting: CNAME record has not fully synced

SSL cert troubleshooting: CAA policy does not allow

Changing your private domain