Bug fixes and small updates for 11.11

We released a few bug fixes and small changes and wanted to keep you updated.

First, new functionality: as you may have noticed, we've added an Announcements section to the KnowledgeOwl app dashboard when you first log in. We're reserving this space for maintenance or security changes that may impact site uptime or login (such as planned server maintenance). This section will only display when we have announcements; otherwise release notes will be at the top!

If you'd like to receive direct emails about these types of announcements, you can sign up for our Critical Admin Updates email list.

Bug fixes

And now for some bug fix round-up:

  • For users with SAML login: previously, if a user was set to "SAML login via knowledge base" requested a password reset, we sent them our generic user password reset email. This was confusing, since clicking the link to reset their password didn't do anything. We've updated the user password reset email template so that users with SAML/SSO login will receive a password reset email directing them to their actual SSO URL, rather than the default general KO password reset email. We hope this helps avoid further password reset confusion for SAML users!
  • Internal notes used in custom content categories were not always being properly saved/displayed. They are now.
  • Article titles with "quotation marks" in them weren't displaying properly in Preview. They are now.
  • In Widget 2.0, if you were using a topic display category and the hyperlink was very different from the title, searching for the article to open it sometimes wouldn't scroll the category to the article. We've updated the logic here so the scroll behavior is consistent with the main knowledge base. Let us know if you're still experiencing any issues with articles inside topic display categories not properly displaying/scrolling properly!

And for our veterans: thank you for your service, today and every day.