New custom role permission: edit articles in bulk

This change may require updates to existing custom role permissions.

Previously, the ability to use the Bulk Edit function on the Manage Articles page was available to all users with custom roles who had edit permissions on articles.

As part of our 2020 goal to give you more detailed control over custom role permissions, we've added bulk editing as a separate permission. You'll find it in the Article Permissions section as "Edit articles in bulk":

In custom roles, the Edit articles in bulk setting

By default, we have NOT added this permission to any existing custom user roles. We recommend reviewing all custom roles to determine whether they should be granted this permission.

Our default Editor and Writer roles include this permission automatically.

This permission only impacts access to the Bulk Edit link in Manage articles; the actions allowed within that interface still depend on the rest of a user's permissions.

We hope this gives you greater control and visibility into who within your organization can bulk edit articles!