Feature Update: Searches with no Results Report adds reader groups and refined categories

The Searches with no Results report tracks searches that return no results.

However, after reports from a few customers of seeing terms there that should have returned results, we decided that the report needed a little more information to be useful.

Moving forward, searches with no results will also track:

  • Active Reader Groups: If the reader searching belongs to any reader groups, these are the reader group(s) they belong to
  • Refined by Categories: If the reader has used the Refine by category search option to limit the search to specific categories, these are the categories they've selected

You'll see two new columns in the report to capture this information:

Screenshot showing a sample Searches with no Results report, with search phrases including different Active Reader Groups and Refined by different CategoriesSample Searches with no Results with additional columns

For context: "momerath" is a term that doesn't appear anywhere in my documentation. "cheese" and "blog" do both appear, but are restricted to specific groups or not in the categories that search was refined by.

We hope these additional columns help provide insight as to when a search is a true no results vs. when it's no results based on a reader's access or search refinements, which would potentially yield different types of content updates.

We had no way to add data for these columns retroactively, so you'll only see them populated on searches moving forward.

And the [?] icon next to the report title will open our support article to guide you through it!

For more details, check out the updated Searches with no Results documentation, and let us know what you think!