Glossary feature enhancements

Based on customer suggestions and questions, we've made a couple small enhancements to the Glossary functionality to surface the Glossary page in search results and to streamline the editing/deleting process for glossary terms.

Glossary in search

Earlier this year, we rolled out the option to display glossary terms and their definitions in your search results.

But one question we've had a lot of is: when someone searches for the word "glossary", why doesn't the Glossary page show up as a result?

In the past, we've resorted to some awkward workarounds (like URL redirect articles called Glossary that include the Glossary URL). Those worked, but they were not the most obvious or intuitive, and usually customers had to ask us to set it up.

So we decided to make this a feature you can turn on and off, no support owl intervention required!

There's a new setting in Settings > Search to "Display link to glossary when 'glossary' is searched for". 

If you turn this setting on, when someone searches for the word "glossary" in your knowledge base, they'll see an option to "View Glossary" at the top of your search results:

Clicking that link will direct your reader to the glossary page.

We hope this makes it easier for your readers to find the glossary!

Glossary term controls

Previously, in order to edit or delete an existing glossary term, you had to check the box next to the term and click the Edit or Delete link at the top of the page. This could be a time-consuming process if you have a lot of terms.

We've changed the page layout here a bit to make it easier to edit or delete terms on the spot:

To the right of each term's definition, we've added a gear and a trashcan icon. Clicking the gear icon will open the edit pop-up; clicking the trashcan will initiate a delete (don't worry, there's still a confirmation!).

We've also removed the Edit link from the top of the page, since it only ever worked on a single term. We've kept the Delete link, though, since it's still useful for checking the boxes next to multiple terms to delete them all at once.

We hope this change makes it a little faster and easier to edit or delete glossary terms!