Inherited reader group restrictions now shown in editor

For those of you leveraging Reader Groups to restrict access to content, we have a small but helpful change to the righthand editor options.

Reader Group restrictions automatically pass from a category into its content. This has always been the case in KnowledgeOwl, but aside from the CSV export in Manage Articles, we've never shown this in the editor. This has made troubleshooting reader group problems somewhat arduous.

Now, for all content below the top-level, the editor shows an Inherited Groups section. This section will display any Restrict to Groups settings that the content is inheriting. It's not editable in any way; we've just added it to give you increased visibility into which reader groups can see this content.

You won't see this section in any top-level categories or articles, since they have no parent category to inherit restrictions from.

We've also added an up arrow icon next to any inherited groups in the Restrict to Groups section.

Here's what the changes look like:

And if you forget most of this release note, never fear--hovering over the question mark icon will give you a tooltip to explain things a bit.   

We hope this editor section makes it easier to know when a reader group restriction at a parent category is impacting your content!