Int'l Youth Day 🧒 bug fixes

International Youth day was first proposed in 1991, and was officially formed by the UN General Assembly on December 17, 1999. It has been celebrated since August 12, 2000. (For this holiday, "youth" is defined as anyone age 15-24.) This year's theme is Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health. Check out events happening worldwide or find one near you using the IYD 2021 map.

(Today is also National Middle Child Day. Sorry, middle children, I opted for international youth over you. Overlooked yet again! Please don't take it personally.)

While none of today's bug fixes are directly transforming food systems, we do hope that they make your use of KnowledgeOwl a little more pleasant:

  • In Your Account > Users, we've updated the CSV export to include a User ID column.
  • In category editor, if you had a custom content category with text in the editor, and you saved the category as a different category type, and then switched it back to a custom content category, your original editor text was lost. We've updated the category type switching logic so that you can change the type repeatedly and not lose custom content category text. We hope this makes it easier to try out different category types to settle on the right one.
  • A change we made last weekend caused some problems with category landing pages for a few customers. Here's the setup that would have triggered issues:
    • If you have a category that contains two levels of subcategories and
    • you were using a Default category type with content list display and
    • in the sub-subcategory level, one of the categories had a snippet merge code in the category description and
    • that snippet contained a styled div (such as Well, Alert Danger, Alert Info, Alert Warning, Alert Success, etc.) then
    • the top-level category landing page would get messed up HTML just before the sub-subcategory with that merge code.
      We fixed this so that this scenario doesn't cause wonky HTML.
  • A lot of our CSV exports were putting "quotes" around the first cell/header of the first column. We've fixed this so the first column header, like all other headers, does not have quotes. This impacts the following CSV exports:
    • Account > Users > Export all users
    • Account > Readers > Export all readers
    • Reporting > Dashboard (basically every export here!)