January 29, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Widget 2.0 and Internet Explorer: Widget 2.0 is now compatible with Internet Explorer 11. (So those of you using app.knowledgeowl.com from within Internet Explorer, the Help navigation link now properly opens the widget!)
  • Version notes disappearing: When the current active version had version notes and a new version was created, the existing version's notes seemed to disappear. We updated this behavior to ensure that the version notes are always tied to the article version, regardless of whether it's active or not.
  • Manage deletions: Deleting an article through Manage > Delete wasn't always removing the article from the built-in Homepage New articles and Updated articles widgets, though other delete methods seemed to properly remove it. We've updated that delete function so the articles should be properly removed from the homepage widgets, regardless of how they were deleted.
  • Manage Deleted filter + search: In Manage, when the Deleted filter was selected, searches were returning no results. We've updated the filter + search logic here so that the Deleted filter search works like the other filters.
  • Manage > Custom date filters using today's date: In Manage custom filters with custom date ranges, selecting the current date as the end date only included articles UP TO today (e.g. things created today wouldn't show, but things created yesterday would). We updated the logic here so that it is an inclusive date ending at midnight, so if I set a filter with 29 January 2020 as the end date for the Date Created, and I created an article on this date, it would show.
  • Manage > Custom date filters as a user in reader groups: In Manage custom filters, users who were restricted to 1+ reader groups could not properly filter on custom date ranges--the filter would bypass the custom date range entirely. We've updated this so that all users--those with and without reader groups--can use custom date filters.
  • Articles top-level article deletions: Articles that had been in subcategories and were then dragged to the top-level of content could not be deleted using the trashcan. Now, they can (as they should be!).
  • Login page > password reset: On the login page for app.knowledgeowl.com, the password reset email field was case-sensitive. This didn't match the rest of app.knowledgeowl.com login (which is case insensitive), so we updated it to match.