🌶 National Chili Day bug fixes 🌶

Today was a tough one--it's apparently National Chili Day and National Clam Chowdah day (and tonight marks the start of Purim). It's a busy day. Chili won out because bug fixes are a lot like chili--they can be a hodgepodge of things that ultimately combine into something amazing.

Today's chili of bug fixes includes:

  • The New Articles Widget had a caching issue, where if you had a New Article with the call-out and you then kicked it back to Draft status, it was still showing in the widget. We've fixed the cache-busting here so it should properly disappear.
  • Contact form reporting was not properly showing encoded characters (like ', ", !, etc.) when viewing individual form submissions. We've updated things so these characters will be properly displayed. Let us know if you we missed any.
  • Webhooks that were sending to query strings with URL encoded parameters were failing (the parameters were being decoded). We've rolled out a fix to properly handle those encoded parameters. If you were impacted by this, you'd have gotten initial webhook creation pings but all subsequent webhooks would have failed.
  • In Your Account > Account, the Organization and Address fields weren't properly handling accented or otherwise special characters. We've updated the logic there so they should display here properly--you'll likely need to re-enter any special characters and re-save, though.
  • The app header background: We moved some cheese here. We've had that wave background for some time, but we noticed that some customers were seeing it with a grid or outline around it. We've decided to remove the wave and just give you a solid blue background for now.
  • When you Copy a knowledge base, we don't copy the full version history, just the current active version. But the copied KB was still displaying the "You have a version ready for review" message at the top of some articles. We've removed that message when it isn't warranted.
  • As a user who was not a member of a User Team, in Manage articles, I was able to use the bulk delete action to delete an article restricted to a particular user team. We've locked this down so that, like the other bulk edit options, users can only bulk delete content that is a) not restricted to a user team, or b) restricted to a user team they belong to.