Plans and trials FAQ

30-day free trial

You can start a 30-day free trial of any plan from our website

The trial version of the software is exactly the same as the paid version, so you have full access to all features, functionality, and support. If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, you keep the same account so you won't lose any of the work. You can choose to continue using your trial knowledge base, or delete it and start over. Whatever works best for you.

When your trial is over, you can choose to extend it another 30 days or upgrade to a paid account. Contact us if you need to extend your trial a second time; we are happy to help in any way we can!

Unless you specifically request your account to be deleted, we keep all trial accounts for at least six months. 

Can I extend my trial?

You can automatically extend your trial another 30 days when it runs out. If you've already extended your trial, contact us to let us know how much longer you need. When your trial expires, we will keep it for at least 6 months and then it will be deleted. 

See How do I extend my trial? for more details.


We try to keep our pricing as simple and transparent as possible. The price you pay is based on two things:

  • Number of knowledge bases (sites)
  • Number of authors (people who create and manage your content)

All features are available for all customers, including:

  • Unlimited readers (people who can view your knowledge base)
  • Unlimited categories and articles
  • Unlimited files and images
  • Unlimited file and storage space
  • Unlimited views of your content

You can view current pricing on our website or contact us to discuss a customized plan. Our pricing does increase from time to time, but we will adjust your pricing gradually and notify you well in advance so you can make informed decisions.

We offer 10% discounts for annual payments and 25% off annual account for non-profit organizations. 


To keep our pricing simple, we offer a single subscription plan that includes all features.

Need a guaranteed uptime SLA, priority support, or other security or legal requirements? Add our Business Extras or Enterprise Extras to get what you need!

See our pricing page for our current plan offerings.

Business Extras

Needing a little more? Our Business Extras add the following extras to your subscription:

Guaranteed uptime SLA

You get a 99.5% guaranteed uptime SLA.

Priority support

All customers receive responsive and owlsome customer support. Business Extras subscribers receive Priority Support.

HIPAA compliance

Are you storing information in your knowledge base that requires compliance with HIPAA? Business Extras includes a BAA Agreement (for HIPAA compliance).

Custom SSL certificates

As a Business Extras subscriber, choose between using our built-in complimentary Let's Encrypt SSL certificates or sending us your own custom SSL certificate. (Normally these are considered a Subscription add-on.)

Enterprise Extras

Needing a little more? Our Enterprise Extras adds the following extras to your subscription:

Guaranteed uptime SLA

You get a 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA.

Dedicated account manager with priority support

All Enterprise plans will receive a dedicated account manager who serves as the primary point of contact for onboarding, escalations, training/onboarding, and account-related queries. 

Enterprise customers also have priority support. Priority support requests are handled first, so you can enjoy faster response and resolution times for all inquiries. 

Custom SLA / Terms of Service

Enterprise Extras offers you the option to work with us for specialized SLAs or terms of service. We cannot guarantee we will accept all custom SLAs or terms, but we will do our best to accommodate when we can.

Vendor security forms

KnowledgeOwl will complete vendor security forms, assessments, and questionnaires free of charge for our Enterprise Extras customers. (Normally these are considered a Subscription add-on.)

Custom SSL certificates

As an Enterprise Extras customer, you can choose between using our built-in complimentary Let's Encrypt SSL certificates or sending us your own custom SSL certificate. (Normally these are considered a Subscription add-on.)

Right to terminate

We want all of our customers to be happy. If you are unhappy with KnowledgeOwl for any reason or need to end your subscription, you can cancel at any time. You may contact us to request a refund for unused time on your subscription.

Priority Support

All KnowledgeOwl customers receive complimentary email and phone support. Business and Enterprise Extras customers have priority support, which means that their requests are addressed first by our team. 

Enterprise customers also have a dedicated account manager.

Subscription add-ons

At KnowledgeOwl, we pride ourselves on trying to create software that just does what you need it to do. All customers have access to our amazing support team through email and our in-app help widget, as well as access to our emergency phone line.

We're often asked what we provide beyond our standard subscription plans.

We offer these subscription add-ons:

  1. Custom SSL certificates:
    • Plans: Custom SSL certificates (or certs) are included for customers with Business Extras and Enterprise Extras; all other subscribers can pay for this add-on.
    • Price: $500 per certificate for customers without Extras
    • How it works: We offer free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates at all subscription plan levels. If you can't or don't want to use a Let's Encrypt certificate, you can pay for us to use your custom SSL certificate instead. The add-on fee is per certificate. You're welcome to send us the cert components through any method that you feel comfortable with. We'll need:
      • the SSL certificate
      • the certificate chain
      • the site key
    • TurnaroundThese certificates generally take at least two business days to get set up once we receive them; we prefer to have at least a week to get them set up.
  2. Vendor security forms:
    • Plans: Included for customers with Enterprise Extras; all other customers can add this as an add-on.
    • Price: $500 fee per form for all non-Enterprise Extras customers
    • How it works: If you have a vendor security assessment, form, or questionnaire that you need us to fill out, you can add on to your subscription to have our security team fill out your form. We charge per form.
    • Turnaround: Our turnaround times generally depend on how involved your security form is. They generally take at least 10 business days for our team to complete.
    • If you need some type of vendor security assessment but can't afford the add-on, you can check out our Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ). This questionnaire covers a lot of the same topics as most security assessments, and we provide it free of charge!
  3. Sponsored features:
    • Plans: Available to all customer accounts.
    • Price: Variable, based on our estimates of time and complexity, as well as our Statement of Work (SOW) negotiations.
    • How it works: We offer sponsored features as a way to help individual customers get functionality that might not yet be on our roadmap, but to do so in a way that makes sure our team is spending time building things that all of our customers benefit from. If there's a feature that you're really interested in seeing added to KnowledgeOwl, you can choose to sponsor that feature:
      • We'll quote you a delivery date and cost estimate, and we'll work to write a detailed SOW to guarantee that the feature meets your needs as well as those of our larger customer base.
      • You agree to the SOW and pay upfront, and our delivery timeline begins the moment we receive payment.
      • Once the feature is available, we guarantee it will continue to meet the requirements outlined in the SOW for a set period of time, and the feature becomes available to our full customer base. We may continue to build on or add to that functionality at our own discretion moving forward.
      • We only offer sponsored features for features we're already interested in doing, and we build them in a way that they benefit our entire customer base. These are not one-off or bespoke customizations, but full functionality that has gone through our full QA process and will have dedicated menu items, settings/configuration options, etc., within, as appropriate.
    • Turnaround: Our turnaround times vary based on the feature being requested and our current roadmap. It generally takes us at least one week to provide cost and timeline estimates to start creating the SOW. Our development timeline begins once both sides have agreed to the SOW and we have received payment.

 If you're interested in any of these subscription add-ons, contact us to get the conversation going!