As a small, constantly-pivoting team, our priorities can shift a lot, and we don't like saying we'll do something by a specific date and not delivering on that.

But we also know how helpful it is to have access to a product's roadmap. When we evaluate tools for our own use, we like to have a feel for what direction that tool might be going, or what types of features it's hoping to add.

So we wanted to compromise between those two needs and share our top priorities for the next year.

In 2021, we're continuing to move forward with some major infrastructure/behind-the-scenes changes, an editor upgrade, and a major new feature.

The top projects we have planned are:

  • Infrastructure updates to keep KnowledgeOwl scale-able and stable
    We continue to add customers and knowledge bases. We haven't noticed issues with our scale yet, and we'd like to proactively update our infrastructure so that we don't. There won't be many changes from this that you'll be able to concretely see, but these updates should help us add more features in the future and continue to guarantee the up-time and performance you've come to expect. This project is continuing from 2020.
    Status: In Progress
  • Permissions architecture updates
    As part of a series of ongoing security improvements, we're totally rearchitecting how permissions checks happen for all editing functions (creating new, editing existing, deleting) for categories and articles. You won't see major changes in the app, but these changes will ensure more consistency and security for all default and custom roles. This project is a continuation of work begun in 2020.
    Status: Initial Release Complete; Release Tail In Progress
  • Modern Editor upgrade
    We use a third-party provider for our editors, and Modern Editor has a major new release with some upcoming smaller releases, as well. We'll test these extensively before rolling them out, but we're excited for some of the new functionality that will come with them!
    Status: In Progress
  • Adding support for multilingual knowledge bases
    While we do have some customers using us for content in multiple languages, right now that's not a built-in option. We have long wanted to change that, and the infrastructure improvements we're making should make it easier for us to deliver on it. We're still defining how this feature will look and behave, so if you're interested in offering input on the feature or in helping to beta test it, please contact us .
    Status: Upcoming (preliminary work begun)