As a small, constantly-pivoting team, our priorities can shift a lot, and we don't like saying we'll do something by a specific date and not delivering on that.

But we also know how helpful it is to have access to a product's roadmap. When we evaluate tools for our own use, we like to have a feel for what direction that tool might be going, or what types of features it's hoping to add.

So we wanted to compromise between those two needs and share our top priorities for the next year.

In 2023, we're continuing to move toward multilingual support and working on a variety of new features.

The top projects we have planned so far are:

  • Official Zapier integration
    Over the years, we've received a lot of requests for integrations with various tools. Instead of building one-off integrations, we're focusing on Zapier for now to help facilitate a wide range of potential integrations. While you can already use Zapier with our webhook functionality, we're testing the waters with an official Zapier integration that will allow you to programmatically create new articles. We're hoping to release this fairly early in 2023 and then make decisions on further Zapier work based on your feedback.
    Status: In Progress, nearing completion
  • Advanced search in Manage
    A find and replace tool received the second-most votes in our 2021 Annual Customer Survey. To build toward that functionality, we're working on a more advanced in-app search experience in Manage. All in-app search currently looks for text strings in titles and content only. We'll be adding the ability to search for raw HTML and specific strings in Manage so that you get all of Manage's functionality (filters, bulk edit, etc.) in addition to the new search.
    Status: In Progress
  • Adding support for multilingual knowledge bases
    While we do have some customers using us for content in multiple languages, right now that's not a built-in option. We have long wanted to change that, but we had to wait for 2022's infrastructure improvements to begin this work. Our first feature of 2023, the Customize Text tool, is the first feature released toward that goal, since it at least makes it easier to use a language other than English as your primary language. Next up we'll be working on the data structures and architecture to support multiple languages in the same knowledge base. We're still defining how this feature will look and behave, so if you're interested in offering input on the feature or in helping to beta test it, please contact us .
    Status: In Progress, early stages
  • Reporting Improvements
    We're exploring ways to make the Reporting Dashboard more robust. We're not quite sure what this will look like yet (in our internal roadmap, this is just called "Reporting Overhaul" right now), but we'll keep the roadmap updated as we make some decisions about what we can deliver and when.
    Status: Upcoming