Versions + Version Notes now in draft and deleted articles!

We've loved how much all of you love Version Notes. In our initial launch of version notes, we made them available only to published articles. But we received a lot of feedback from customers saying it would be really useful to have version notes--and the ability to version--within draft/unpublished articles, or within deleted articles to add notes about when/why the article was deleted.

We listened to this feedback and have expanded the version functionality:

Versions and version notes are now available for all articles, regardless of publishing status. So you can add Version Notes to drafts, or create multiple versions of a draft article with its own notes, or add/edit version notes on deleted articles.

What's new

Versioning overall behaves the same way, except now the option to Create a new version and to add version notes is available in all articles regardless of publication status.

We made one additional layout change for draft/deleted articles: instead of seeing the "Published" call-out to identify the current active version, you'll see a new "Active" call-out next to that version instead:

For unpublished articles (draft/deleted), the current "active" version is now marked with this green ACTIVE call-out in the version list

Once the article is in a published status, that Active call-out changes back to the normal Published call-out.

Wording update

As part of this change, we also made two small wording changes to the user interface: we've replaced the "Make this version active" wording with "Activate this version". You'll see that change in two places:

We hope these changes help further expand how you can make use of versions; let us know if you have additional suggestions!