Widget reporting

See a report on where your embedded web widget is being used and tweak article weighting to rearrange the list of recommended articles.

Pages Searched using the Widget

Pages Searched using the Widget displays a list of all the URL path names from your knowledge base, website, or application that generated hits to the contact form. This allows you to see where in your site readers are looking for help.

Recommended Article Weights

Recommended Article Weights are available for all URL paths listed in Pages Searched using the Widget. For each page, it will list the articles that were recommended using Pages to Recommend On or the search, along with their starting weight, learned bias, and total weight. The total weight determines the order is which related or recommended articles appear on each page i your site.

The starting weight is either 0 or 1. By default, all articles have a starting weight of 0 unless the article is related to that page path using Pages to Recommend On.

The learned bias is based on the behavior of readers on that page. The learned bias increases as readers interact with that article on this page.

The total weight combines the starting weight and the learned bias. You can manually reset or override any learned bias by changing the value in the text field and choosing Update Bias. This will alter the articles and order in which they appear from this page.