Bug fix: Zendesk contactForm.submit webhooks

Recently, a customer using our Zendesk Contact Form integration noticed that API webhooks set to fire for specific knowledge bases were, instead, firing for all knowledge bases. This was an issue with all knowledge bases, but we discovered additional bugs with the integration with Zendesk Contact Form integration.

We've now addressed those issues. The API webhook for contactForm.submit will now properly fire when you select "All Knowledge Bases" or select specific knowledge bases, and it will fire consistently for knowledge bases using email address contact form, Zendesk contact form, and Freshdesk contact form.

The webhook will also properly fire from the Contact us button in the Modern Widget. (Widget 2.0 Contact tab is not yet wired up to Zendesk or Freshdesk integrations.)

Not familiar with webhooks? Webhooks are a way to automatically communicate when certain actions in your knowledge base occur, including article creation/publication/update, comment creation, and contact form submissions. You can send webhooks via API call or via Slack.