For Parks & Recreation customers using KnowledgeOwl for your CAPRA accreditation, here are some resources that might be useful.

An overview of the CAPRA self-assessment in KnowledgeOwl

See an overview of the CAPRA self-assessment process in KnowledgeOwl.

CAPRA KnowledgeOwl orientation

Learn your way around KnowledgeOwl and how to edit standards, upload files, and more.

Tracking your self-assessment progress

See the ways KnowledgeOwl can help you track completion of your self-assessment.

Final review checklist

Use this checklist to complete your final review of your CAPRA self-assessment before pasting them into the Portal.

Moving your self-assessment report into the NRPA Portal

Follow these steps to get your standards and documentation links out of KnowledgeOwl and into the NRPA Portal.

Customizing your self-assessment knowledge base

Learn how to customize the URL, logo, colors, home page, and security of your knowledge base.

How do I give access to my CAPRA self-assessment?

Learn how to give reviewers access to your self-assessment, and what security options are available.

Updating standards that have changed

Follow the steps here to create new standards and update existing standards.