An overview of the CAPRA self-assessment in KnowledgeOwl

When you use KnowledgeOwl for your CAPRA accreditation self-assessment, here's what the process looks like:

  • You let us know that you'd like a copy of the latest CAPRA template.
  • Our support team takes a copy of that template and adds it as a new knowledge base in your KnowledgeOwl account.
    • This gives you a full knowledge base with all the chapters and standards of the current CAPRA accreditation standards. All individual standards will be marked with a "Needs Review" status when you get the copy.
  • You'll edit the standards in this knowledge base to add narrative, evidence/documentation of compliance, and to indicate whether, by your self-assessment, the standard is met or unmet. We've given you two sample standards to use as a model.
  • As you "finalize" standards, you'll change them to a Published status. You can track your progress in a few different ways.
  • Review our final review checklist.
  • Finally, you'll copy the narrative and links to documents from your CAPRA knowledge base into the NRPA portal. If for some reason not all links will fit in the Narrative portion for the standard, add the link to the standard's URL in your knowledge base as an Additional Documents Link for the chapter in the Portal.

Optional steps in the process:

  • At any time, you can update the look and feel of your CAPRA knowledge base to include your logo, fonts, color palette, etc.
  • At any time, you can click the View KB  link in the top navigation to view the knowledge base as your external reviewers will see it. If you're editing an individual standard, you can click the View Article link to see the standard as your reviewers will see it.
  • If needed, review the security settings in your CAPRA knowledge base in case you need to give members of your organization or CAPRA self-assessment reviewers direct access to review your materials.

Once the KnowledgeOwl team provides you with the copy of our template, the content is yours. If NRPA updates the standards between when we provide you the copy of our template and when your accreditation review begins, it will be your responsibility to update the standards directly in your knowledge base. We'll give you instructions on how to make these updates.

We're also experimenting with an email list in which we'd send you a list of the standards that need updating and what those updates are. Let us know if you'd like to be included in that email list!

You are also welcome to request a "fresh" copy of our latest CAPRA accreditation template at any time. You'd need to manually update it to reflect any changes you've made to your existing copy, but sometimes this is faster if the copy you have is quite outdated.