Chocolate Cake Day bug fixes

Apparently, January 27th is Chocolate Cake Day in the U.S. In case you needed a reason to celebrate today or belatedly: you're welcome.

Perhaps a bit less filling but no less sweet, we rolled out fixes to three bugs today:

  • We've had reports of subscription notifications sometimes being sent for the same article two days in a row. This one has taken us a bit to fix, but we think we've gotten it squared away. If you are using Subscriptions and notice any further repeated notifications on the same article, please contact us so we can go back to the drawing board.
    • And if you are trying to intentionally trigger a duplicate notification, you can resave the article with No Status in the Article Callouts section, and then resave it with a New or Updated status. It will be included in the next digest email.   
  • We noticed that, sometimes, the Manage Articles option to select all in filter didn't appear. We've fixed this so it always appears when you have more than one page of articles.
  • We also noticed some inconsistencies with versions in custom content categories when you were syncing categories between knowledge bases. (Yeah, that's an edge case--in case you were wondering what I spend my days doing in QA, it's testing things like this.) We've fixed these issues so that the versions always stay in sync and always appear.