Feature enhancements for Manage and Reporting

We've been working on some enhancements to some of our most popular features. This week, we have some changes for Manage Articles, Contact Form Reporting, and the Popular Articles report:

  • We've added a new column to Manage articles: Category!
    • For top-level articles, you won't see anything in this column.
    • For articles within categories, you'll see a blue hierarchy icon. Hovering over that icon will display a pop-up that lists the category the article is located within:
  • With our built-in contact form, if you bypass the search functionality (/contact-us) and jump straight to the contact form submission (/contact-feedback), any of the submissions sent directly through contact-feedback were not being tracked in Contact form reporting. We've updated the contact form reporting a bit to show Hits and Tickets with and without Searches, so those of you using contact-feedback directly can still see those submissions reflected in the reporting charts and numbers. We have not yet determined the best way to show more details on those submissions (the current section in reporting that does this is under "Search Activity" and sorted by search phrase--which don't exist for these submissions), so if you're using this functionality and have ideas about what would be most useful, please let us know!
  • In the Reporting Dashboard, we've updated some of the logic on how we log article views and quality views. In the past, these views were logged in real-time. To improve overall knowledge base performance, we've moved the view logging into a background process. This doesn't change the logic around how views or quality views are tracked, but it does mean that you won't see the Popular Articles Report update in real-time. Views and quality views can now take up to 10 minutes to appear.