Nat'l No Housework Day bug fixes 🐜

Does anyone else think it is not a coincidence that World Health Day happens to fall on the same day as National No Housework Day? 🤔

At any rate, we have been busy with some longer/larger projects, so our release notes have been a bit quiet lately.

But here are a few changes rolled out today:

  • More/better reader search options in Your Account > Readers: The search box in Readers now supports:
    • Full email search (previously the @ symbol was breaking things)
    • Smarter handling of spaces: If you type a name with a space into search such as "Linus Owl", search will interpret this as "FirstName LastName" and pull up reader records that match.
    • Reader ID: For those of you who use the API or know reader IDs based on exports or URLs, you can now search using the reader's ID number!
  • Fewer security token requests on app login page: When we rolled out our updated Updates to app login + password reset processes in 2020, we created a few situations that would trigger security tokens email verification. Since then, we've learned that some users were having security tokens triggered/required nearly every time they logged in. So we've dialed down the requirements here a bit so you should really only be asked for a security token if you've done something to trigger it (like entering a repeated incorrect password).
    For the handful of users who were impacted by this issue: thank you for your patience while we found a solution that still maintains a solid compromise between usability and security!
  • Glossary definitions support opening hyperlinks in new tab: Glossary term definitions containing hyperlinks can now include target="_blank" in the hyperlink HTML. We used to support this before we stopped allowing some special characters in definitions, and by popular demand we've added it back.