World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Bug Fixes

June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD). While that topic is significantly heavier than many I choose to include in our release notes, it is the most significant "What Day is Today?" event for the day, and one which deserves a lot of visibility. You can read more about WEAAD through the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day website.

On a lighter note, we've been busy with a number of bug fixes:

First, not your standard bug fix, we made a behind-the-scenes change to help with performance. We've changed some of the logic around how we update portions of your knowledge base when you save changes to articles and categories. None of these changes should impact current functionality or feature behavior. But we did make changes to:

Let us know if you notice any problems in any of those sections of your knowledge base!

We released fixes for these general bugs:

  • In the article editor, if you copied the Code View of an article which had Insert Link to Article references (which show up as hg-id links), and pasted that into the editor of a new article, the hg-id links wouldn't properly copy over and, instead, would create URLs and partially mess up the content. We've fixed this so that copying and pasting URLs generally and hg-id links specifically works as expected.
  • In Manage articles, creating a custom filter with the Needs Review publishing status wasn't always working properly when Settings > Basic had been set to automatically set articles older than xx days/months to Needs Review status. We've updated the Manage filter logic to handle this scenario better.
  • When creating or editing synonyms, the wording to add additional synonyms was a bit ambiguous as to whether you should add multiple new synonyms in one line or on separate. We've updated the UI to use the singular "Add Synonym" in this scenario to try to make it a bit more clear:

We released several bug fixes specifically for shared content articles and shared content categories:

  • In shared content articles using versions, the Ready for Review flag was not properly synchronizing between child and parent articles. We've updated this so those fields should stay properly in-sync.
  • For articles within shared content categories, accessing versions within the child article wasn't working properly. We've fixed this so that you can access versions properly from all articles.
  • On child articles and synced custom content categories, the version notes field on the child would sometimes get out of sync. It would either:
    • Not show the version note for the current active version.
    • In the current active version, show the version note for the previous active version.
      We've fixed this so that the version notes field should stay properly in sync on version activation.