Nat'l Iced Tea Day 🧊☕ bug fixes

Apparently, June 10th is National Iced Tea day. Sweetened or unsweetened, we hope you're enjoying something tasty to drink today.

We recently released fixes for these bugs:

  • Deleting a reader group was not fully deleting that reader group from all categories and articles where it was used. We've fixed this so the delete properly cascades to all content, readers, and users who were assigned to it.
  • Customers using the Zendesk Contact Form integration and Widget 2.0 reported that contact form submissions from Widget 2.0 were not including attached files. We've updated the Widget 2.0 logic so that these files are properly attached and passed over to Zendesk. As an added bonus: previously, the full knowledge base contact form only allowed you to upload a single file attachment when you were using the Zendesk integration. We updated that so multiple file attachments are supported in both the full knowledge base and Widget 2.0. 😉
  • In default categories set up to use inline display for articles, articles set up to redirect to a URL in a new tab were opening two tabs. We fixed this so they only open in a single new tab.
  • If File Library was set up to use secure file library storage (requiring authentication to view files stored in KnowledgeOwl), if you inserted a video from the library into your content, an extra https: was being added to the beginning of the URL. This basically made the video not load properly. We've updated this so the correct URL is used.
  • In Widget 2.0, if you were viewing an article that used the snippets for our Article Table of Contents, clicking one of the table of contents links in the widget would open an empty new browser tab. We've fixed this so that extra tab isn't opened. Thanks to the keen-eyed customer who asked us questions about this!